How Notary Scanner Works

Notary Scanner uses advanced technology, behind the scenes, to make the process of digitizing and then providing document authenticity services. Removing complications allows every day users, notary professionals and government agencies to prove authenticate documents with ease and simplicity.

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Notary Scanner – Simple scan and notarize service

Making the notarization process simple and easy using advanced technology is what Notary Scanner is all about. Simply scan a document and we automatically provide a document authentication service. This simplicity allows organizations to increase revenue through business efficiencies to get work done quicker or add additional clients.

Blockchain transparency - Notary Scanner

Blockchain transparency

Notary Scanner uses blockchain technology to provide transparency in our digital workflow solutions. Each transaction is logged on the blockchain providing a full audit trail for the entire document lifecycle.

Easy and Simple Usage - Notary Scanner

Easy and Simple Usage

We operate the infrastructure so that you can get started easily, quickly and affordably with Notary Scanner. Our web-based application is ease to learn where scanning documents is nearly effortless to get the job done.

Increase Revenue - Notary Scanner

Increase Revenue

Because Notary Scanner combines so many business efficiency capabilities, your business can increase revenues with additional clients or providing more services to additonal clients. Either way this is a win-win situtation!

Notary Scanner for all sorts of Use Cases

From voting to health records, there are so many use cases where the proof of authenticate documents is critically important. Notary Scanner provides a simple, yet highly effective, service to kick-off digital workflows with the assurance that these electronic images are, indeed, from an authorized creator.



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  • Provide proof of document image authenticity
  • Positive identity of everyone who has viewed or certified a document image


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  • Protect security and privacy and engender trust
  • Head off current legislation to create back doors, private key escrows and limiting encryption


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  • Improve data governance to avoid costly audits and fines
  • Give patients visibility and control and increase confidence in their health care provider


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  • Keep ballots fungible while allowing a trackable and verifiable chain of custody
  • Give voters assurance their vote was counted as cast

Notary Scanner for Vertical Markets

There are many vertical markets where the convenience, security and authenticity of digital notarized scanner images can be of use.  Below is a some example such as Home Titles, Family Trust,  Accounting, Legal or just general purpose.  No matter the vertical market application, rest assured, the process is still simple and easy with Notary Scanner.

  • Notary Scanner for Home Titles
  • Notary Scanner for Family Trusts
  • Notary Scanner for Accounting
  • Notary Scanner for Legal
  • Notary Scanner for general purpose
Notary Scanner for Vertical Markets

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